Salford Postgraduate Research Training (SPoRT)

Salford's research development programme is mapped to the RDF, each session is linked to a domain descriptor, this information is available when booking through Advantage. 

We are interested to hear your suggestions about the topics and questions you would like further training if you would like to submit an idea, please use our online suggestion box.

Welcome & Induction Activities

Researchers at Salford can take advantage of an extensive range of development activities. We want researchers to make the best possible start: even if you are not new to Salford, the 'Getting Started' information is helpful to fast track your research project.





Prior to Arrival &

by the end of your first week


To help get started and to comply with the research specific University regulations, you must complete the online induction and pre-arrival within (or before) your first week. This short course provides essential information relating to your research programme followed by a declaration to confirm you have completed the online induction training.

You will be expected to contact your supervisor and supervisory team on arrival. During this time you will meet with your supervisor and supervisory team, complete the appropriate meeting forms and start to progress your research project. A full list of progress meetings and requirements can be found:

Contact and respond to your Research & Knowledge Exchange Support Officer. You may have met or been in contact with them already. If you have any queries, they are usually your first point of contact after your supervisor. Contacts can be found: 

On Arrival



University Welcome


Find out more about the University Welcome, Registration and Induction activities open to students at all levels. The activities help those new to Salford and connect you to useful services and support. Whilst not PGR specific, there’s useful information to help you feel more orientated and part of the wider student community. 

You should have received your University username, password and email address prior to arriving at Salford. If you require any technical assistance Digital IT will be able to help.

Please note that we will use your University Email to communicate important information with you. You must check this account regularly and/or forward emails to your personal account.



Within your first month


Attend 'PGR Welcome and Induction + Your researcher roadmap - planning ahead'. This session provides essential information on assessment and progression, is an opportunity to focus on your development and is designed to help you navigate resources and services available. 

Review the Introductory Research Skills Online Module. This short online module provides an overview to the tools and software to support your research programme. The content has been carefully curated from a variety of sources to provide an introduction to some of the skills you need to start your research.

Attend a Research Integrity, Ethics and Professional Development session. This workshop is designed to help you consider the ethical implications of your research project, comply with research regulations and outlines your contribution to the wider university community. 

An online course is also to be completed alongside the face-to-face training.



Within your first 3 months


Attend the Researcher Development Days which take place four times a year. Each development day has a different theme such as research skills, writing and communication or your thesis and career development. 

Complete your Learning Agreement by month 3. The Researcher Roadmap will help you complete this and you will meet with your supervisor to discuss and explore training requirements for future professional development.

Attend The Gathering. Hosted by the Vice-Chancellor, this is an opportunity to be part of the University community, identify how your research can make a difference, receive bespoke advice, guidance and mentorship for your onward research journey. This event is by invitation only, please ensure you check your university email to receive the invitation (the events run in Jan/Feb and Apr/May).