Researcher Development Days


Our Researcher Development days offer a wide variety of workshops and training opportunities in a setting much akin to an academic conference.

In addition to the training on offer, the development days give Postgraduate Researchers a friendly, welcoming atmosphere in which to practice their networking skills.

On this page you will find links to resources from previous workshops and details of upcoming events.



Coming Up:

The Thesis and Beyond 10th - 11th May 2018

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The thesis and beyond is split into two themes focussing on thesis writing and other development to support your both personally and professionally. 

The Thesis Sessions:

This series of workshops are focussed on the act of writing and preparing your thesis and include:

  1. Alternative Format Thesis and Thesis by Published Works Workshop
    An opportunity to examine the specific requirements for alternative format and published works. This workshop explores best practice, common mistakes and opportunities to plan and review your own progress.
  2. Practice Based Thesis
    The outputs to practice-based work can be very different to traditional format. This session explores the different approaches and common queries that arise during formal assessment with the opportunity to further develop your thesis structure in a supportive environment.
  3. The Thesis Explored
    Compare and contrast thesis presented in traditional format, explore examples of best practice and join us for a discussion with a panel of internal and external examiners as they give their perspective on what makes an ‘exemplar’ thesis?
  4. Thesis Writing Retreat
    The writing retreat provides time and space to focus on the thesis using interval writing techniques and is split into four dedicated sessions to concentrate of four distinct parts of the thesis. The sessions run one after each other and include:
    • Introductory content
    • Methods, design and analysis
    • Results and discussion
    • Implications and conclusions
  5. Defending Your Thesis
    This sessions provides an opportunity to prepare for the viva with a mock viva and time to focus on academic questions. You will be required to email your CV to us at least 3 days prior to the session:

Beyond – personal and professional career development:

This series of workshops provide support and development on a personal and professional level to complement your writing and thesis development.

  1. The ‘Ideas boot-camp’ – to kick-start your thinking!
    The ‘ideas boot-camp’ is designed to help you generate ideas, think creatively and problem solve successfully. In this short workshop you will learn strategies to help you generate ideas and get through mental blocks.
    The session will help you:
    • Generate ideas and be aware of the techniques to use to facilitate the process
    • Engage with creative thinking and working
    • Discover problem solving strategies, particularly ways to get through mental blocks
    • Develop ideas into action
    • Avoid procrastination and use time productively
  2. How a lay abstract can transform your career
    A lay abstract has many applications including facilitating better communication to your peers, the public and prospective employers. Learn how crafting a good lay abstract can transform your career and explore its uses in academia, the media and industry to name a few.
  3. Introduction to Consultancy Practice - Consultancy skills training workshop
    Have you considered a career in consultancy, perhaps freelancing for industry or developing a product for commercialisation? This short workshop provides insight into the broad field of consultancy and touches on these areas and skills required by consultants.
    Aims of the workshop:
    • Provide techniques for managing projects including, exploring the brief, consultation and feedback, developing a project plan and working with others.
    • Improve your active listening and questioning techniques.
    • Sample ‘micro-consultancy’ setting up on your own and ‘crowd consultancy’ working with other consultants on specific issues to find a common way forward.
    • Learn about seed funding to develop commercial ideas further.
    • Recognise your own consultancy skills and strengths to ‘tap into’ a niche market.
    • Learn about your own natural consultancy style and other styles and formats.
  4. 5 Ways to be Instantly More Employable
    Join us for a short seminar on how to be instantly more employable. The session will cover:
    • Discover your employability factor (EF)
    • Ways you may be sabotaging your chances without knowing
    • The language to use to evidence your skills
    • What you can do right now to improve your employability
  5. Researcher Rescue – the survival guide to defeating stress and building resilience
    Learn strategies for making stress work you and how to become more resilient? Participants will work individually to consider situations that they found stressful and how to overcome them? The session will demonstrate how to identify the optimum levels of stress for productivity and to know the signs when it is becoming damaging.

Following on from the researcher development day:
We will be hosting a series of follow-on activities to help support you after the researcher development day. Further details to follow but these include:

  • Mock viva’s
  • Mock interviews
  • Career advice 121s
  • Confidence development coaching

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