Communication Skills

Day 1 - 8th February 2018

Writing for your IA and IE

  • What do you need to know
  • Common issues and mistakes


Proof Reading, Editing and Letting Go

  • Proof reading and editing strategies
  • How to utilise feedback
  • Coming to terms with letting go of your writing


How to Write an Abstract

  • How to write academic and lay abstracts
  • Knowing the difference


PGR Publishing Retreat

  • Writing for publication
  • Getting published
  • Insight into the peer review and editorial processes


Day 2 - 9th February 2018

Designing and Presenting a Poster

  • Basic design principles
  • Reviewing good and bad examples
  • Presenting in the context of a poster exhibition


Giving Confident Presentations with Impact

  • Interactive, drama-based workshop for those with fears around presenting
  • Elevator pitches
  • How to structure to short presentation
  • Engaging the audience


Promoting Your Work for High Performing Researchers

  • Managing your researcher identity
  • Promoting/engaging people with your research
  • Measuring the reach of your research